Snap hooks will help you to prevent the loss of your things from your bags or other places where they are attached. You can order snap hook bulks from online stores or the markets near you for the different purposes for which they are being used.

The RightSnap Hooks:

The correct choice of the snap hook can improve ergonomics and safety in certain applications. The shape of the snap hook body has an influence on:

  • the breaking load in the longitudinal axis,
  • the optimal distribution of the load,
  • the size of the gate opening and the capacity,
  • the breaking load with special positioning,
  • the ease of use.

Another, less visible effect is the balance of the snap hook itself: pear-shaped snap hooks, for example, can twist more easily, which can lead to incorrect positioning. D-shaped snap hooks are more likely to stay in place.

Types of Snap Hooks:

  1. D:

Position the load in the axis with the highest breaking load, as close as possible to the closed side of the body. Suitable for simple loads. (connection of devices, connected to the anchor point).

  1. Oval-Shaped:

Symmetrical shape for a balanced distribution of the load (devices with large connecting eyelets, pulleys, etc.).

  1. Pear-Shaped:

For connecting several or large pieces of equipment.

  1. Snap Hooks With a Large Opening:

Wide opening to facilitate hanging on anchor points, wire ropes, etc.

  1. Multi-directional Resilient Snap Hooks (OMNI):

Specific shape, suitable for multi-directional loading.

  1. Directional Snap Hooks:

For special applications, two separate connection areas to optimize positioning in the longitudinal axis.

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