coconut laser cutting machine

A combines various cutting, engraving and perforating functions. You can cut a circle easily with the help of the software and a number of LOGO characters with the help of a laser. In addition, the laser does not affect the food inside the coconut shell. The machine can even make different designs in the shape of hearts. For more information, you can read the following article. You will find more information about in this article.

HM-Y6 series coconut laser cutting machine

Among the various advantages of the HM-Y6 series coconut laser cutting machines is their ease of operation. This machine has high productivity, high reliability, low price, and low maintenance requirements. These machines are especially suitable for cutting coconuts in many different materials. They can easily cut text, images, and designs, as well as produce heart-shaped pieces. They are also safe to use when processing the coconut’s shell, and thus, are perfect for marking different products.

HM-Y7 series coconut laser cutting machine

Hymson HM-Y7 series coconut laser cutting machines have many advantages. Firstly, they are able to monitor end-to-end process and ensure precision of machining, thereby achieving high production efficiency. Another benefit is that they can guarantee consistent and accurate results in mass production, as they introduce advanced production technologies and strict quality control measures. For this reason, they have been sold widely in the United States, Europe and Asia.

HM-Y8 series coconut laser cutting machine

If you need a coconut laser cutting machine, you can start with the Wattsan 60 40. This is a desktop model that uses 80-watt laser tubes. You can buy an upgraded model, which has higher power, to use on thicker materials. This machine can work at a high speed and has a reinforced portal. You can also use it to create various products, such as puzzles.

HM-Y9 series coconut laser cutting machine

The M2 nano is one of the most common control motherboards for coconut laser cutting machines. These models are typically small and are perfect for start-up companies with basic needs. This motherboard has a USB key for guaranteed originality and prevents copying. The M2 nano is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux systems. In addition, it features a pass-through door for longer materials. Moreover, it has a stable output.

HM-Y10 series coconut laser cutting machine

HM-Y10 series coconut laser cutting machines are made from high-quality polymer materials and are extremely versatile. The laser machine features a roller feed system for accurate placement of the workpiece. The feeding unit also features automatic edge control, ensuring perfect material alignment and excellent cuts. The machine features a pass through door for longer materials, and a large workspace for cutting long objects. It also includes a USB key for software, ensuring originality and preventing unauthorized copies.

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