If you are a foodie person, then you should know the importance of seasonings and spices in foods. They are primarily added in the last stage of cooking when the food is almost cooked and are sprinkled over to enhance the flavor of the food. The people of the Asia region mostly use spices in their national and international cuisine. 

Besides Asian people, people of other countries like the United States of America also love to add spices to their food due to its numerous benefits on health. 

According to United States Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey, 300.62 million Americans used spices in 2020. Surprisingly, it is a huge number. Till now, there are 40 different spices and herbs used in food to further make the food tastier. 

The taste of the spice can vary from herb to herb. Spices can be sweet, sour, umami, salty, or even bitter. Spices like nutmeg, cumin, ground ginger, chili & paprika are highly used in food for their numerous benefits on health.

Chili and paprika may sound like the same species but they are not. Paprika is made from a pure blending of pure chilies and tastes sweet. Whereas on the other hand, chili powder consists of garlic powder, cumin, and a base of chili pepper. 

Chills due to a mixture of various other spices are proved to be more hot than paprika. You can buy various spices from any spice supplier or you can also buy spices online from Sinospices. 

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