Add a Robot Shape Clasp Metal Twist Lock to Your Handbag

Bag Robot Shape Clasp Metal Twist Lock

This cute robot-shaped metal twist lock can be used on handbags, shoulder bags, and crossbody bags. It is made of zinc alloy material and has adorable hands and feet. This robot-shaped lock is a fun accessory to any bag. It is available in several colors and is very easy to install. This lock is designed for a variety of handbag types, from small to large. It is a great choice for any woman’s bag.

Metal Twist Locks For Handbags

A sturdy closure is essential for any bag, as it ensures the safety of the contents. A turn lock can be used to secure a bag and add a sophisticated touch. Whether it’s an evening bag, a laptop bag, or a baby bag, turn locks are a stylish and functional choice. The best part is that they are extremely easy to install. Before you begin, you’ll need a piece of cardboard and a seam ripper. You can use a magic marker pen to mark the lip, eye plate, and outer screw holes on the cardboard. Then, with your hands, press the metal washer into the right side of the flap. After that, you’re ready to insert the front eye plate of the lock onto the bag flap.

Handbags made of zinc alloy

This replacement lock for your handbag is made of good quality zinc alloy, which means it is rust-proof and durable. It is the ideal lock for your purse, clutch, or handbag, and it is lightweight, too! It also adds variety to your handbag by offering a variety of looks. If you prefer a different style or color, you can even purchase more than one lock to add variety to your bag.

This lock for bags is made from zinc alloy and has cute hands, feet, and eyes. It is suitable for handbags, crossbody bags, and shoulder bags. The lock is adjustable and can accommodate materials up to 4mm thick. The lock has 4 screws on the back plate for added security. The lock comes in gold, rose gold, nickel, and brushed antique brass finishes. It consists of a lock turn, two plates (front and back), a washer, and four screws.

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