As the name implies, a “top coat” is a nail item that coats the top.
It’s an indispensable item for nails, and it affects the finish and appearance of nails, so be sure to know it.

Used to protect gloss and design

The role of the top coat is used to polish the nails and protect the design.
If you are a self-nail artist, you may know that if you just apply nail color, it will come off immediately or the parts will come off due to the impact.
At this time, if you use a top coat, it will not come off easily and will look beautiful.

How is it different from the base coat?

Unlike the top coat, the base coat is an item that “protects your nails and makes it easier to apply nails.”
It has the same role as a makeup base.
Most of them are separated from the top coat, but some products also serve as the base and top, so please use them as needed.

How to use the top coat and tips?

The top coat is very easy to use.

1. 1. Nail and dry well
2. Apply the top coat and let it dry.

However, since it is placed on the top of the nail, you need to know how to apply it.

・ Do not hesitate and apply it all at once . ・ A top coat that directly affects the appearance
so as to fill the gaps in uneven areas . When applying, let’s apply at once so as not to be uneven. Also, depending on the design, there may be irregularities. You can aim for a finish that brings out a natural luster by filling the gaps and layering a top coat so as not to create uneven coating.

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