As we all know that vogue is at its peak and is developing very fast all over the world. If we talk about fashion, it is everywhere. Many new brands are introduced on this planet every day. That facilitates the individual with different fashion accessories. Fashion is different for different genders. Female fashion accessories are not worn by males and same like that male fashion accessories are not worn by girls. But, there is one thing in common in male and female fashion.

The only fashion accessory that is simultaneously available for both genders is the watch. Yes, it may sound odd, but in today’s era, the watch is considered an important fashion accessory for males and females. Watches are considered an integral part of enhancing the personality of an individual. Men’s watches are quite different in design from female watches. 

Furthermore, this trendy fashion item is worn according to the event. There are various kinds of watches. Out of which each one is worn on special occasions. For example, if you are going to a wedding, you cannot wear a sports watch. Because it will look ridiculous. There are special watches for each type of occasion both for males and females. 

If you want to attend a business meeting, you should wear a classic or professional elegant design watch, or if you are an athlete and want to count your calories during the workout, you should wear a digital or smartwatch. The price of the watch can vary according to the features. Waterproof watches are more expensive than ordinary watches. 

As the trend of the watch is common, different types of materials are used in making a watch. You can either wear a stainless steel watch, a plastic-body watch, or even a gold watch. The material, features all depend on your budget. The higher the budget, the greater your watch will be.

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