When deciding which nail lamp is right for you, it primarily depends on the products you use for nail modeling. Not every device can be used with all types of gels. So that you don’t have to resort to both technical variants in the long term, the simplest solution is to ensure that the gels you use are suitable for a UV or LED nail lamp.

There are gels and nail polishes that are specially designed for curing in LED nail lamps. The result can be significantly worse in a UV device or not possible at all. Conversely, most gels that are suitable for LED are also compatible with UV lamps. 

However, there are now more and more LED-compatible items and lamps that can handle all types of gel. LED lamps are now clearly at the forefront. They are considered to be particularly efficient and have been known for some time as sustainable devices of the future.

The result of the nails when using an LED nail lamp is particularly long-lasting and of high quality. The curing of the products also works faster and more effectively. The price of LED lamps is usually a bit higher compared to the cost of UV lamps. However, this expense is worthwhile because it lasts longer than a UV lamp.

LED Nail Lamp For The Best Professional Results:

If you want to invest in a safe and useful product in the long term, choosing an LED nail lamp makes sense. You save a lot of time with the device and you also have a future-oriented product in use. 

In addition, most of all gel nail polish sets are now manufactured for use in an LED device. You will therefore have no problems having a sufficient and, above all, the high-quality selection that you can present to your customers.

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