The trend of card keys in place of general keys was started for the first time in 1975. After that, it takes a revolutionary change in terms of hotel door locks. But now mobile phone technology is replacing card keys. There is a vast range in hotel door locks and having the right and secure one is a big concern. The mobile phones in your hands can help unlock the doors of your hotel rooms. 

Mobile keys:

Currently, there are not many hotels that are using mobile keys in place of card keys but some of them have experimented with it. Technology is becoming a crucial part of our life now and in the future, it will be involved in every single thing of our life. 


There is also a drawback of using digital technology in hotel door locks because hackers can get access to rooms via the guest’s mobile phones. So, in such cases, the security is at risk. 

Security has always played a major role in hotels. However, a conventional security lock has one weak point – the key. If it is lost, the finder can quickly gain unauthorized access to your premises. In addition, replacement is expensive and time-consuming. New technologies can help you avoid such problems.


In summary, it can be concluded that the digital way of unlocking the doors is the future and it will put a great impact on the security of the hotel door locks. It is a fast and easy way and we just cannot ignore it. 

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