Shade cloth is an important aspect of greenhouse management. The right garden shade cloth, even in the smallest of greenhouses, can make a huge difference in growing plants and vegetables. However, there are many aspects to consider when purchasing shade cloth. In this brief guide, you will learn 4 things to consider when purchasing shade cloth.

  1. Abrasion Resistance: 

This is the ability of the material to withstand being rubbed against a rough or abrasive surface. The higher the number, the better the abrasion resistance of that shade cloth. For example, a fabric with a 40-60 rating means it would take 40 pounds of pressure to rub through one square foot of that shade cloth in one minute.

  1. Resistance to Breakage: 

This is how likely it is for your shade cloth to tear when you install it in your garden. The lower this number, the more likely your shade cloth will tear during installation.

An example of this might be a 20-30 rating which means under 20 pounds of pressure it could tear in one minute.

  1. Shade Factor: 

This is an indication of how much sunlight will be blocked by using this shade cloth. The higher the number, the more sun you block out—which is good! An example of this might be 80% which means 80% less sunlight than without the material.

  1. Opacity:

This is also related to color and refers to how opaque or transparent the shade cloth is. For example, if you used white instead of green, even though you still have a 10% open area, the amount of light allowed through will be reduced because white is more opaque than green.

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