Balenciaga is made primarily in Italy. It should never be produced in China, however, that is exactly where most of the fakes floating around the earth come from. And one of the signature signs of a Chinese factory is the use of plastic to protect their products. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is actually very practical. That being said, it is not something Italian factories that manufacture products for top designers will put on their products. What that means is, when an alleged authentic handbag has something wrapped in plastic, it is a solid clue that the bag, instead of originating in Italy, actually has a Chinese origin.Cosmetic mirror: Always check the cosmetic mirror that comes included with the handbag The mirror should be tied around the rear handle of the handbag, and it should have some hang to it. This mirror should never be wrapped in any kind of plastic of shrink wrap. Also, make sure that any of the extras that are accompanying the handbag are not wrapped in plastic or shrink wrap. These would all be signs of a fake Balenciaga handbag, and generally and origination in China.

Tassels: It is possible that some of the extra, namely the tassels, may indeed be wrapped in plastic. Some authentic handbags have been known to come with the standard extra handbag tassels, wrapped in protective plastic. Because of this confusing loop hole, it is best to remember that anything attached to the handbag itself, will not have plastic wrap. And anything that is not attached to the handbag may in fact have a protective plastic wrap. But for now, the only extra known to have plastic is the unattached tassels. This is not a conclusive study of Balenciaga, but enough to help weed out many of the fakes that are floating around in the open market. Good luck and safe shopping!

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